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My name is James Byers.

I have been in love with the Macintosh since its introduction during half time of the 1984 Super Bowl. My older brother was in college at the time and was given a first gen Mac 128 for school. I was so jealous. When I would visit him I couldn’t get enough of that little Mac. Eventually, he upgraded to a Mac Plus and I inherited his 128. I used that Mac for a couple of years and still have the motherboard today.

After college I worked for The Mac Garden ( later to become ComputerWare and eventually Marin Mac Shop ) on “C” Street in San Rafael. This is where my REAL Mac education began. The owner encouraged us to take on private clients and help others discover the benefits of the Mac. This is where Mind's Eye Consulting was born. Along with selling Macs, printers, modems, hard drives, accessories and software, I taught classes in the on-site training center and led a monthly new users' group hosted by the store in partnership with MOM ( Macs of Marin - Marin’s local Mac users group ).

Later, I worked as an Art Technician for LucasArts Entertainment Company. There, I was able to expand my experience greatly and embrace my natural artistic skills. I worked on many game products for the Nintendo, PC and Mac platforms. After five years, I moved on to Broderbund, where I started as a Production Assistant and was quickly promoted to the role of Producer. I was involved with the The Print Shop family of products and was instrumental in bringing a long overdue Mac OS X version of this great product to market.

All the while, I maintained and grew my on-the-side business, Mind's Eye Consulting. In 2001, with years of technology-based corporate experience behind me, I went full time doing what I love best - supporting Mac users.

Give me a call today and let me solve your Mac problems.
(415) 382-6633