I offer a wide variety of services at affordable rates:

Troubleshooting, Maintenance & System Repair:
Has your Mac become sluggish? Are you seeing the spinning beach ball more and more? If so, it may be time for a tune up. Every time you use your Mac, hidden files are created and stored by your system. Over time this accumulation can cause your Mac to slow down. I can clear out this clutter and restore responsiveness and performance to your Mac. I can also perform diagnostics and repair problems.

Networks, Printers & Servers:
Want to connect your Macs? Want to share your files? Want to share your internet connect with all the Macs in your home or office? You need a network. Whether you want wired or wireless, I can create a network to meet your needs. With a secure, stable network you’ll be able to share printers and connect with local and remote file servers. I’ll connect all your shared devices so they work in harmony.

New to the Mac? Puzzled by all the cool applications it comes with? You’ve been a long time user, but still run into problems from time to time? Do you loath reading manuals? I’ll be your personal tutor. I will guide you through your difficulties and answer your questions. I can work with small groups and individuals. Giving a Mac to someone special? Why not include some time with a personal trainer?

What would happen if you lost your iPhoto library? What about your iTunes collection? Your eMails, documents and projects? There is no need to ever loose a thing. A simple, reliable and automatic backup solution can prevent data loss. I can work with you to setup a backup system to meet your needs.

Purchasing Advise & Research:
Need a new Mac, software application or printer? Are you too busy to do the research? Are you uncertain about what you need? I can help. I can meet with you, ascertain your needs, research pricing and availability, and provide you with detailed options.

Graphic Design:
Need a Logo - an identity for your business? Business cards, letterhead, envelopes? What about a matching website? I can pull it all together for you. Let me create a graphic representation of your ideas.

Web Development:
Do you have a business or gearing up to start one? Do you want to get the word out to potential customers and clients? A website is the answer. A well crafted site can create many new business opportunities for you. I can design a site that will get the job done. I'll meet with you, discuss your ideas and vision, and create a site that drives your business to new height of success.

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