"You are the ideal Mac Consultant. You are knowledgeable, reliable, and very user-friendly. You upgraded and streamlined our small business network with great success. Your weekly visits keep our systems running smoothly and our staff appreciate your ability to address their individual concerns. You seem able to deal with each individual in a way tailored to their specific skill level and are always respectful and patient. The FileMaker database you programmed for our Design Centers has proved to be an invaluable tool, making job tracking and purchasing a simple task. We continue to appreciate your ongoing efforts."
Jane O'Neill, San Francisco CA - Ogden Contract Interiors

"James you are our “Tech Wiz” (with social skills!) You have helped our office through a wide array of technical problems and whether they are big or small, you always respond the same – quickly and efficiently!! Your knowledge of the Mac world is incredible and your willingness to explain it patiently and with a sense of humor, is very much appreciated. Thank you for making life much easier for us."
Brian Jacobson, San Rafael CA - Focus Design

"James has been a wonderful addition to my life. He has freed me up from the frustration of spending hours trying to resolve my computer issues. Not only is he brillilant, but he is also responsive, friendly, and patient. He is everything that I could hope for in a computer consultant. He has helped me with not only my business issues, but also with the programs that I use in my personal lilfe."
Normand A. Groleau, CPA - Groleau & Associates, Mill Valley CA

"James, in the past several years of working with you and always coming to my rescue, I am still surprised by your willingness to help whenever it is needed, no matter how big or small.   When asked about you, I always respond by saying you are my Mac Guru!   I so appreciate that you are dependable, reliable, and always make me feel as if I am your most important client.  I’m not sure what I would do without you."
L. Bruderer, Tiburon CA

“You have always been friendly, reliable & honest. Furthermore, you have amazing skills at helping us fix our MAC problems. You have been an absolute life-saver...thank you James. We highly recommend you!"
L. & A. Page, Novato CA

"James helped me design and produce a postcard announcing an art show I was participating in. James is that rare individual who listens to the ideas you have, then helps you produce what you'd like to see. He is easy to work with: personable, quick in understanding, and thoroughly professional (without my asking, he backed, documented and labeled all the work he'd done, and then mailed me a CD.)  Also, unlike many who approach his skill, James didn't make me feel stupid for the questions I asked - he made even small changes I wanted without getting annoyed. James also works fast, and is willing to take on a deadline."
Stephen K. Minus, San Francisco CA

"James continues to be an incredible support to the World Cafe.  His versatility, availability, and tremendous technical skill has been invaluable to the evolution of our work. James deals as well with those who have sophisticated technical knowledge as with those of us who are true novices.  His capacity to teach and develop our own understanding as well as deal with complex technical issues as they arise is very unique.  We feel grateful for his support and collaboration."
Juanita Brown, Mill Valley CA - The World Cafe

"Although I have sold my business, there is no way that I could have survived for the last 17 years without your expertise. To set up a completely customized FileMaker system for a business as unique as mine was exceptional to say the least. I thank you again for everything that you have done for me."
R. Hurwitt, Gardnerville, NV

"Your consulting has saved me many times. Being new at OS X I had nothing but "child's questions" - you had answers, both via eMail and phone. You were always available, always quick to answer and give me the solution to whatever problem was staring me in the face. This is a wonderful thing, all with a great, helpful, friendly attitude so I never felt stupid or behind the times. I can't imagine "Mac life" without you!."
J. M. Tucker, CA - Tuck-ID

"You are indeed a Wizard, with a capital W! I can't believe how knowledgeable and efficient you are. The conversion of my house to wireless and the setting up of my PowerBook seemed virtually effortless and indeed was painless on my part. My Mac is running better than ever and the new tricks that you taught me are priceless. I am recommending you to everyone I know who has a Mac."
S. Hoffner, Sonoma CA

"Your visit resulted in a wealth of understanding (many aha moments) and a better appreciation of what my Mac can do. The hub, scanner, printer and computer are in harmony and I so appreciate not only your technical support but your supportive mentoring. You are the best!"
Patricia Schandler, Fairfax CA

"Oh my God! In the middle of tax season, with all of my clients’ data not yet backed up for the end of the day, my computer crashed! Minds Eye Consulting to the rescue! You saved the day, the data and my computer! I call you my Life-saver!"
Sylvia Samija, Petaluma CA

"You have been our IT savior! You solve our computer problems, prevent problems and make our television production company much more efficient. And best of all, like an old-fashioned country doctor, you make house calls at a moment notice. We recommend your services highly."
Jon Schulberg, Tiburon CA - Schulberg MediaWorks!

"You run an honest and reliable business. You have helped me out of numerous computer and program tight spots. You are the only person I completely trust with my computer equipment."
L. Pryor, San Anselmo, CA

"It’s never easy entrusting my Mac overnight to someone — my whole life is on that thing! What if something went wrong? Not only did you not harm my precious PowerBook or commit some irreversible mistake like losing some irreplaceable file, you fixed all its annoying bugs and returned to me essentially a brand new Mac. It was like Christmas. You decked out my Mac with all the latest software updates, which I probably would never have even known existed, and additional, fun programs that have enhanced my Mac use tenfold. Thank you."
G. Flath, Sausalito, CA

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